It's not TV that's frying your brain, baby. It's your lack mentality.
And it doesn't come with commercial breaks.

Symptoms of lack mentality include:

  • Hearing crickets whenever you launch a new product or service
  • Compulsively refreshing your inbox to see if anyone has made a purchase or signed up for a discovery session yet. Now? How about now?
  • Watching your bank account drip, drip, drip out with no replacement cash on the way to replenish it
  • Dropping your price every time you say it out loud. “Oh, did you hear $200 an hour? I meant $75. Plus an hour free. I’ll also clean your house.”

The good news?

Lack mentality is a totally treatable disease.

Because underneath it?

Untapped, unlimited, un-freaking-believable power - no remote control required.

What if more clients and bigger paydays were a light switch away?

Would you walk over and flick it yourself? Or would you sit in a dark room and wait for someone else to turn it on for you? The first one, right? Yet so often we operate from that second perspective—that the right course or program or piece of software is going to be the thing that ushers in new levels of our success. We tell ourselves, “Just one more eBook. Then I’ll be ready.” We read it and nothing changes. So we move on to the next thing, “Just one more group program. Then I’ll be ready.” So we lay down the dollars, (maybe) do the work, and nothing changes. And on and on it goes until the only difference between where we are now and where we used to be is that our bank account is a lot smaller!!!

That, girlfriend, is an unwinnable battle you’re fighting. It’s time to lick your wounds and finally turn your attention to where it belongs—inward.

Just like that light switch, success comes back to one thing: wiring.

salespic04See, what happens is we get stuck on a thought or a feeling, good or bad, and we keep sending energy to it until it grows into this behemoth monster. We can’t help ourselves—that’s just how our brains work. Before we know it, we’ve created this neural pathway that’s like tire grooves in a road. Try as we might, we keep steering ourselves right back into it because it’s comfortable and familiar, and it feels safe.

But most of the time, those neural pathways aren’t serving us. In fact, they’re actually holding us back. I mean, really, what good is it doing you to send yourself down an anxiety-ridden road every time you think about getting more clients, with repeated craptastic thoughts like, “Why isn’t anyone booking a discovery session?” or “I bet she doesn’t have the money to pay me right now” or “Maybe I should go back to a part-time job.” BOO. THAT.

salespic03You built those pathways, sister, and you can knock that shit down. You can reprogram your brain into a supportive, lovey dovey machine that actually GETS YOU MORE clients. You can create new, better, happier neural pathways—and reduce the stress and self sabotage in the process. You can open up your mind to receiving dreamy clients instead of pushing them away. You can change your consciousness to focus on wealth instead of lack. And you can rewrite that sob story you’ve been telling yourself into one where you have the power.

I just booked a client!

"I just booked a client and know it has so much to do with the fact that I am now caring for myself on a deeper level + setting boundaries that nourish me around my life and biz + and having more focus and no more anxiety or scatter brained energy around my biz. I owe this shift in mentality to Diana's 1:1 coaching support!"

~ Alicia Civile

Clear Skin Coach

Diana is a true gem to work with...

"Diana is a true gem to work with. As a busy mom and entrepreneur I was struggling to make the most of my time and honestly didn’t even know where to begin with taking my business to the next level. Diana supported me and gave me so many tricks and tools to pulling out so many ideas for my business that needed to manifest. The action steps she gave me each session were huge in bringing more productivity and organization to not only my business, but my personal life as well."

- Renae Adair Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach at

Diana is a fantastic mindset magician...

Diana is a fantastic mindset magician. She was able to help me break through a block I had around raising my pricing as well as assist me in my confidence. Her tools are awesome and she is show generous in sharing herself and is really authentic. I am doing one last discounted pricing today before I raise my rates permanently next month. Thank you Diana


~ Dana Kalin Narayanappa

How do I know this?

Because I’ve done it myself. I’ve watched my own coaching business go from snoozeville to cruiseville, and all it took was a mindset makeover. I started devouring every piece of information I could get my hands on around mindset and mastered the art of NLP (or neuro-linguistic programming if you want the long version). That’s when you tap into the patterns of your subconscious and make the adjustments that propel you upward and onward.

This isn’t magic—although, if I’m being honest, there is something kind of woo-woo sounding about it. It’s scientific. Tony Robbins? He uses NLP on his private clients. In fact, this methodology has been in practice for more than 40 years. And it’s going to change your world the same way it changed mine.

What is Program your Mindset for More Clients?

It’s a 3-month private coaching program for women entrepreneurs who are ready to increase their self worth and their net worth

You DESERVE more clients. You DESERVE more money. You DESERVE more success. So let’s drop that old way of thinking and try on the one that can help you get there. (I have a feeling it’ll look fantastic on you.)

Who is going to hands-down love "Program your Mindset for More Clients"?

  • Women who are soooo over struggling to make ends meet in their businesses
  • Coaches who want getting clients to feel easy like Sunday morning
  • Ladies who are ready to stop looking to everyone else for the solution and who are ready to shine their light inward
  • Women who desire to feel confident about their prices and their worth

Helped me change my mindset and get focused

A couple of weeks ago I booked a session with Diana Mitchell because I was playing small on my business due fear of being famous (I know it sounds crazy, but fear of fame is real)

Diana helped me to switch perspective and to see all the amazing things I can achieve by being more visible in my business. There is a dark side of fame, yes! (haters, critics, etc.) But Diana helped me change my mindset and get focused on the good side.

She also gave tools and strategies to deal with it in an empowered way. Now I have created my own FB page under my name Denise Da Costa (what it looks like a small step, is huge for me) And most important I now feel confident to put myself out there and being more visible to share my message. I can deal with the fame my business will bring in, both the good and the bad.

Mindset is huge! We all have awesome skills and talents and we all have all the knowledge to run a successful business, but we need to take care of developing a successful mindset day in and day out. Because running a business is the most challenging and self-developing experience you can embrace in life.

<3 Thanks Diana for all your support.

~ Denise DC Success Coach

...she is able to bring to your consciousness the beliefs that you have been operating under.

"I would highly recommend coaching with Diana. She is an amazing coach that asks all the right questions to get you to find within yourself your desired feeling states and desired beliefs. Getting really clear on this, she is able to bring to your consciousness the beliefs that you have been operating under. When she did this during our coaching program, I realised all the places I had automatically been assuming lack and projecting my lack of confidence and belief in myself. Diana was able to take me through the process of identifying where I was, where I wanted to be in my mindset and practical steps I could take to get there and transform my mindset."

~ Alex Harvey,  Sexuality Coach, Consultant and Speaker

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"I absolutely loved working with you Diana, you have a calming presence and very approachable nature which set me at ease from our first session. Your genuine excitement and feedback for what I was working on have been invaluable to my business, not to mention the gentle nudges of encouragement. You have a knack for asking the right questions at the right time, leaving me feeling totally pumped after our calls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~ Sandra Zwick
Health & Self Confidence Coach at

What we'll cover in "Program your Mindset for More Clients"

Month One

Tapping into your Wealth Consciousness

In month one we’re inviting in your highest self. What programming exists now that’s stopping you from breaking through and taking over? We’ll examine the limiting beliefs that are sneaking around behind the scenes and sabotaging you before you can reach your goals. Then we’ll heal them together using powerful techniques.

Month Two

Upleveling your Self-Love

When you’re taking amazing care of yourself, others are drawn to you. This goes for lovers, friends and clients alike. In month two we’re going to take a closer look at how you treat yourself when others aren’t around, and we’ll make loving yourself a priority, so you can open the door for others to love you too.

Month Three

Charging your Worth

What changes do you need to make to your packages and services to match your price to your value? Imagine how incredible it’s going to feel to be able to tell people what you do and what you charge for it without feeling a knot in your stomach. Plus, I’ll reveal how you can prime your clients to pay you without flinching or needing to ask their spouses first.

You'll get:

  • 12 Weekly 1 hour private coaching sessions via Skype
  • Email Support

Special Bonus!

Plus, all private coaching clients will receive their own personalized tapping script designed to demolish your unique internal blocks with a one-two punch, valued at $200. (Not sure what “tapping” is? Don’t worry—we’ll cover that.)

Your Investment: $3,997

-or- 3 monthly payments of $1,400

Pay in Full to secure your spot today!

The truth on your mindset? It runs the show, and it wants to keep you where you are. If there’s any part of you that’s feeling hesitant about getting support, it’s probably that lack mindset springing up. I want to remind you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You CAN make the change. You CAN attract your clients. You CAN commit to your own future and then watch everyone else fall in line with the trail you’re blazing. Take the first step and apply for a discovery session today!

More glowing reviews from my clients...

I'm a huge fan of this woman!

The reason to work with Diana, besides the fact she is a sweetheart and 100% supportive of your needs, is that she knows how to ask questions you aren't able to come up with on your own. Sometimes the questions are so simple, but they bring up deep seeded beliefs you've unconsciously been holding onto. And with her gentle approach she helps you reverse negative feelings and mindsets to positive ones that stick! Overall, I'm a huge fan of this woman!

~Sonya Highfield, Sonya Highfield Photography and Chief Creative at Real World Success for Creatives

I immediately connected with Diana...

"I can only recommend coaching with Diana. Despite we have never met in person, Diana made me feel super comfortable and right from the beginning it was like we knew each other. I immediately liked her and connected with her. To write to her openly about myself came naturally and was just like chatting to a dear friend. I feel Diana to be a nice and honest person. The way she approached me and our sessions, her commitment and availability was great, really lovely and supportive. Thank you heaps Diana."

~ Serena
Healing Practitioner & blogger at

A great experience for me and also a great tool for my clients

I had never heard of nor participated in tapping before. Initially I dutifully watched each video, participated, and then intended to leave a note and I think I managed to do so after the first video. However, since I had never experienced tapping I was surprised at my own responses. I felt immediate relief after the first video. In subsequent videos I cried with relief and I could not leave a message---I did not know what to say!

I work with folks in crisis and specifically the crisis of separation and divorce. I know intellectually that we store so much inside, but your class reminded me of how little it takes to release the junk and take those tender steps forward.

I am glad that you so willingly put yourself and tapping out there as this was a great experience for me, but also a great idea/tool for my clients.


I had a breakthrough!

Hello Beautiful People! I just wanted to share a bit of a breakthrough that I had by working with Diana Mitchell. I've been struggling with releasing blocks around money and success as a spiritual life coach. I was also struggling with beliefs about being good enough. I've been working on these issues for almost two years but I had so much inner resistance. I had a session with Diana and it so amazing, I had a major breakthrough! We discovered some core beliefs that I had around being good enough, making money and about abundance in general. By the end of the first session I felt so much lighter and open to receive. I don't get as nervous when I am speaking with my clients and I feel more at ease. And I am trusting that the information that I share with my clients is helpful to them.I also have several new affirmations to work with that are helping me quite a bit. Diana is a fantastic and caring coach, I highly recommend her services!

Nicole Dantzler

You helped me to understand how putting myself first could boost my business

"After having my coaching session with Diana, I felt that a weight had been lifted. Since becoming a full time entrepreneur six months ago, I realised that I had accidentally walked into an  unhealthy routine. I made myself available to my clients at all times of the day and night and had no boundaries around my time. Within an hour, Diana was able to help me get back in touch with the reason I chose to work for myself. She helped me find ways to add structure to my days which allows me to better serve my clients and look after myself at the same time.

 Thank you Diana, I had no idea what to expect from our session, but you helped me to understand how putting myself first could boost my business, my relationships with my clients and ultimately, give me more energy to put back in to the work I love so much."

- Lisa Kent EFT/Tapping Practitioner - UK

I was able to approach my work feeling re-energized

"I was lucky enough to work with Diana for several sessions in order to focus on how to juggle the various projects I was working on at the time.

Diana was especially helpful in helping me to approach my work in a balanced, gentle and nurturing way where my self care took priority. It was in regaining this priority that I was able to approach my work feeling re-energised and fully present. Thank you Diana for the wonderful work you do!"

~ Vanessa Carnevale
Writer at

It felt like my prayers had been answered...

"Diana thank you so much for the work you did with me. My entire life turned completely and unexpectedly shifted in the 8 weeks we worked together. Often we talked about the small stuff, but working on this small stuff really helped me align my big stuff. I could see where I was going, it felt like my prayers had been answered. I went from keeping my head above water to girl on a mission, and the experience was utterly and completely awesome. "

- Libby Williams
Naturopath & Shiatsu Masseuse at