Hi there! I'm Diana...

I'm Diana Mitchell, a biz mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. I help women go from working non-stop in their biz to making money AND having a life.

When people hear that they can work less hours AND make more money in their biz, the logical part of the brain is like "say whaaaa?!!!"  I hear that alot and I love showing women how that statement doesn't have to be true and does not have to be their story.

As a coach specifically trained in NLP, I specialize in helping women shift their mindsets to whatever they're wanting to desire. Even those thoughts that the logical part of the brain thinks is eternally true, I re-wire those!


How I got here...

For the first 11 months of my biz, (no joke) I was constantly in a state of ugly burn out. I allowed myself to de-prioritize my needs to rest and rejuvenate, just to spend a few more moments obsessing about my biz. Just between us, this embarrassing thought passed through my mind multiple times: “Hmm did I even shower today?....or in the last three days?” Yeah, it was THAT bad.

Doing my hobbies outside of my biz that lit me up, like ballroom & salsa dancing and running races, went way out the window. I barely noticed these things being pushed over for more time on my biz. Towards the end, I was so exhausted, I had nothing left to give to my business. My friends could see it. Even my clients started to notice—and that was the last thing I wanted! I knew my business mindset had to change. Self-care HAD to be apart of my business plan.

And now...

I come before my business and I have energy and money to spare!! (sassy hellll yeah!)

I realized I could only help others and make money, until I could prioritize and take better care of myself. I feel great about giving my energy away to others, because I only do so if I have taken care of myself first. PLUS, the energy that I now give away to others is way more generous, and I’m more present in our sessions together. I’m serving people in the way I always wanted to but couldn’t when I wasn’t taking care of myself.


Glowing praise from my incredible clients...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"I absolutely loved working with you Diana, you have a calming presence and very approachable nature which set me at ease from our first session. Your genuine excitement and feedback for what I was working on have been invaluable to my business, not to mention the gentle nudges of encouragement. You have a knack for asking the right questions at the right time, leaving me feeling totally pumped after our calls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~ Sandra Zwick
Health & Self Confidence Coach at freshfunfearless.com

I immediately connected with Diana...

"I can only recommend coaching with Diana. Despite we have never met in person, Diana made me feel super comfortable and right from the beginning it was like we knew each other. I immediately liked her and connected with her. To write to her openly about myself came naturally and was just like chatting to a dear friend. I feel Diana to be a nice and honest person. The way she approached me and our sessions, her commitment and availability was great, really lovely and supportive. Thank you heaps Diana."

~ Serena
Healing Practitioner & blogger at littleheartsbeatingstrong.com

I just booked a client!

"I just booked a client and know it has so much to do with the fact that I am now caring for myself on a deeper level + setting boundaries that nourish me around my life and biz + and having more focus and no more anxiety or scatter brained energy around my biz. I owe this shift in mentality to Diana's 1:1 coaching support!"


~ Alicia Civile

Clear Skin Coach www.livecleangetclear.com

I was able to approach my work feeling re-energized

"I was lucky enough to work with Diana for several sessions in order to focus on how to juggle the various projects I was working on at the time.

Diana was especially helpful in helping me to approach my work in a balanced, gentle and nurturing way where my self care took priority. It was in regaining this priority that I was able to approach my work feeling re-energised and fully present. Thank you Diana for the wonderful work you do!"

~ Vanessa Carnevale
Writer at vanessacarnevale.com